The Defensive Line Rookie Class


With the season at the halfway point, I tallied up all of the stats for all defensive lineman (including 3-4 OLB’s) from the 2009 draft class. This will give an idea of the impact of the class as a whole, and individual positions. For those like me that are draft junkies, it is nice to see a side by side stat comparison of all the prospects that you were looking at.

Defensive Ends / 3-4 Outside Linebacker Body Types:

Sorted by sacks.  Not all of these guys are scheme interchangable.  Brian Orakpo is a 4-3 SOLB that plays rush DE on passing downs.  Clay is clearly the most impactful player of this bunch.

Defensive Tackle / 3-4 Defensive End / Nose Tackle Body Types:

Sorted by tackles.  Not all guys are scheme interchangeable.  Raji isn’t the most impactful rookie of this type, but he is near the top.  He has been the most impactful 3-4 lineman however, though Jacksonville has used some 3-4 sets, and Terrence Knighton has played well in those.  Knighton surely is the biggest “gem” of the draft on the defensive line, thus far.

Some notes on abbreviations:
TTK = Total Tackles
TK = Solo Tackles
Assit = Assisted Tackles
SK = Sacks
STF = Stuffs, tackles for negative yards
TYDL = Total Yards Lost, sum of negative yards on sack plays and stuffs
FF = Fumbles Forced
Int  = Interceptions
Yds = Interception Return Yards
PD = Passes Defended
TD’s = Touchdowns Scored


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3 Responses to “The Defensive Line Rookie Class”

  1. Packers Daily Links 11.5.09 - Railbird Central Says:

    […] of Where's Lambeau? finds that Clay Matthews might be playing the best among all rookie defensive line/3-4 OLB types in the entire […]

  2. JerseyAl Says:

    Good information here. Would be curious how he’s doing compared to his former USC teammates Cushing and Mauluga.

    • waldo56 Says:

      They are all 3 playing different positions so stats are a really poor comparison.

      Cushing is at WLB, he’s racking up tons of tackles and making a lot of big plays. He’s been the most impactful of the 3.

      Maualuga is at SLB, which is more of a situational position (what Pops used to play in Bob’s scheme). He has a sack though (of AR, LOL).

      And Matthews is a 3-4 OLB, which is completely different, being a DE/LB hybrid more than a pure LB.

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