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The Forest is There

September 8, 2010

In recent weeks, a good amount of print, virtual print, and watercooler talk has been dedicated to the Packers defense, or seeming lack thereof. Unfortunately the memory that burns brightest is their performance in the shootout in the desert in the playoffs last season. This despite an overall solid year. Many fans are currently panic stricken, believing wholeheartedly that any decent QB will tear the Packers defense to shreds. Of course there are a few example games, but really if those games are typical of a average performance, the Packers could in fact have one of the worst defenses that has ever been fielded in the NFL.



New Wrinkles?

August 26, 2010

Earlier in training camp, when asked about the offense, Aaron Rodgers stated that some new wrinkles have been added to what is already a relatively unique, highly complex offense. This of course has left me to ponder the question, whatever could they be?


Time to Step Up

August 25, 2010

Breno Giacomini

The third preseason game is a critical time for many of the young players currently on the team. By the time the tape evaluation of the game is finished, the coaches will have a good idea of what the final roster will look like, the 4th preseason game is often too little too late. A look at couple players whose career is riding on this game.


The 4th Quarter

December 9, 2009

Now that we’ve passed the third quarter of the season and reached the fourth, it is time to look back at the third quarter to see how they progressed, and look ahead to the fourth quarter and what the team needs to do to continue to improve. The team made a remarkable recovery in the third quarter, winning all of their games, and are now poised for a playoff push.


Stoking the Fire

December 1, 2009

Earlier in the season, I touched on one of the things that I strongly feel helps create a champion. Namely that a champion rarely runs through the regular season nearly uncontested and continues that path through the playoffs to an eventual trophy. Champions need to face some adversity to forge their identity and harden their resolve. Step two in that process of forging through adversity is to apply it and ignite.


Time To Adjust

November 25, 2009

With the unfortunate loss of Al Harris and Aaron Kampman for the season following the win over San Francisco, changes are going to have to be made moving forward to continue playing at the level we were at. Right now, more than ever, is when experienced coordinators with good football minds earn their paycheck. What sort of changes might we see out of Dom Capers?


The 3rd Quarter

November 15, 2009

Cowboys - Packers

With the 2nd quarter of the season in the rear view mirror, it is time to look ahead to the 3rd quarter of the season. Winning aside (while important, it is too overarching to evaluate at this level), what sort of goals should the team have in the next phase of the season?


What Happened to Mike McCarthy?

November 14, 2009

Mike McCarthy

When I look at the coach of the Packers today, I see a guy that I almost don’t recognize anymore. Early on in McCarthy’s tenure it was easy to see that he was one of the more creative offensive minds in the game. Some of the concepts that you see in use elsewhere around the league, McCarthy was on the forefront of the innovation in the NFL, here in Green Bay too. Since 2007, each year it seems that the innovation has declined, to the point where this year, the offense is dead and lifeless with almost no creativity.


The Defensive Line Rookie Class

November 5, 2009


With the season at the halfway point, I tallied up all of the stats for all defensive lineman (including 3-4 OLB’s) from the 2009 draft class. This will give an idea of the impact of the class as a whole, and individual positions. For those like me that are draft junkies, it is nice to see a side by side stat comparison of all the prospects that you were looking at.


Are Seats Getting Warm?

November 4, 2009

Ted and Mike

The annual ritual that around 24 of 32 teams’ fans discuss is upon us. Who gets fired and who earned another year. With the Vikings strongly in command of the NFC North, that time is upon us as Packer fans. What will become of Ted and Mike?