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Is Raji Being Used Correctly?

October 31, 2009

In the last few months, I’ve seen occasional chatter related to this subject, most notably appearing as “insiders – rumblings” type things where a writer cites an unnamed source such as a scout that Raji is being used wrong by the Packers. Is this true? Thus far we’ve seen Raji used as both backup LDE, backup NT, and the extra big man in short yardage/goal line defense. His time at backup LDE has been the full responsibilities of the backup LDE, including play in sub package (pass) defense where the NT comes off the field. Most of his work has been confined to the LDE role and nickel work that goes with it.



Raji’s Contract: Inside the Numbers

August 15, 2009

Those numbers that are reported when a new contract is signed, X years, Y million, Z million guaranteed are largely meaningless. Often the only one of those three that has any reliability is the guaranteed portion, the other two are often misleading.

With Raji’s full numbers out, I’ll break down what they all mean year by year.


The Situation with Raji

August 11, 2009

The ongoing holdout of first round pick BJ Raji has grown to become terribly frustrating as of late, at least from a fans perspective. Normally in a holdout situation there is a good guy and a bad guy, at least somewhat. Either the player has excessive demands, or the team is being unfairly cheap. At least that is the story we get in the press (you will come to find that I am very leery of what I am told by the press, and tend to make up my mind on things on my own), but it isn’t in this case. I have no inside info, so this is all speculation and conjecture on my part, aside from the couple of rumors in the press and things said by the team.

Right now the reports have been a bit of a stew. Procedural things. Waiting on the contracts in the area, some suggestions have been made that it is Raji’s agent that is stalling, this is the conventional wisdom, but it has also been hinted that the Packers are the ones stalling, which seems unusual.

I have two completely different takes on this if it is the Packers, they are being cheap and trying to get this done as cheaply as is reasonable, or they are purposely stalling to help the owners case in the upcoming CBA negotiations. (more…)