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Defensive Metrics

October 8, 2009

Dom Capers

Now that we are a quarter of the way into the season, and have played a mix of teams, it is a good time to compare the metrics of our defense agaisnt the 4th quarter of last season, to see if there is any improvement. How is the switch to a 3-4 defense going?



The Long Search for the Future

September 10, 2009

When a Quarterback is selected in the first round of the NFL draft, the team is heavily committing to the QB of the future. While Green Bay has a long and great history at the position, boasting 2 of the all time greats, the one place it has consistently failed is drafting the QB of the future. Time and time again Green Bay has tried, and come up empty handed, instead fielding QB’s acquired in trade, or later round picks that they got lucky on. A QB is always a hit or miss proposition, even in the first round, but GB’s long an history of failure is especially bad. It seems with Aaron Rodgers though, that Green Bay has found some success, time will tell if it was fleeting, or if greatness was found. A first round failure at QB can set a team back years. Unlike other positions, rarely does the team carry more than one good one, and virtually every first round attempt gets a chance to be the good one for a year or two. Having spent 6 first round picks one the position, including 3 in the top 10, Green Bay has come up remarkably empty handed over the years. (more…)