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QB Comparison

October 2, 2009

With the big game drawing near, Aaron vs. Brett, lets take a look at some of their passing splits that they have accumulated thus far through 3 games:



The Long Search for the Future

September 10, 2009

When a Quarterback is selected in the first round of the NFL draft, the team is heavily committing to the QB of the future. While Green Bay has a long and great history at the position, boasting 2 of the all time greats, the one place it has consistently failed is drafting the QB of the future. Time and time again Green Bay has tried, and come up empty handed, instead fielding QB’s acquired in trade, or later round picks that they got lucky on. A QB is always a hit or miss proposition, even in the first round, but GB’s long an history of failure is especially bad. It seems with Aaron Rodgers though, that Green Bay has found some success, time will tell if it was fleeting, or if greatness was found. A first round failure at QB can set a team back years. Unlike other positions, rarely does the team carry more than one good one, and virtually every first round attempt gets a chance to be the good one for a year or two. Having spent 6 first round picks one the position, including 3 in the top 10, Green Bay has come up remarkably empty handed over the years. (more…)

Santa Claus is a Burglar

August 27, 2009

Brett Favre….

The character “Brent Farve” as played by Brett Favre. It was a wonderful image that was crafted for him. Fairy tale like. Folk hero like. The champion of people that work hard, as American as a Ford pickup truck and Wranger jeans. Loves hard work and enjoys life like people reminisce they were as a child.

“Brent Farve” was no more real than Michael Corleone. Brett Favre was a natural for the role of “Brent Farve”, much like Al Pacino was for Michael. Al plays a very convincing gangster, and has done so many times, it is a natural role for him. Yet Al is not a gangster, he is nothing like that off the screen. Brett Favre is not “Brent Farve”, and never has been, he was a fictional character created by Brett, Bus, the media, fans, etc…

The problem is how the fairy tale ended. While still in progress the fairy tale was convincing. Over the years it got more and more convincing, the snowball turned into an unstoppable avalanche.

The best ending of course is the typical fairy tale ending, and many people over the years believed that is how it would end. Going out an top and retiring into the sunset like a hero. Like Elway did. “Brent Farve” got close, though it ended on sad note, much like the ending of “the Longest Yard”, so close yet so far.

When he retired, the fairy tale ended. The story ending was a tragedy. Fairy tales don’t have sequels. While some fans were still believers in the fairy tale ending, believing there to be an extra chapter, most fans closed the book and accepted that the fairy tale was over.

The hero, “Brent Farve”, no longer exists. He retired in March of 2008. The man who returned to the NFL is Brett Favre the QB, no longer playing “Brent Farve”. Even if he is trying to, that book is closed, he cannot recreate that character. (more…)