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The 3rd Quarter

November 15, 2009

Cowboys - Packers

With the 2nd quarter of the season in the rear view mirror, it is time to look ahead to the 3rd quarter of the season. Winning aside (while important, it is too overarching to evaluate at this level), what sort of goals should the team have in the next phase of the season?



They Aren’t Who We Thought They Were

October 26, 2009

Mike McCarthy

The last commentary related post that I made, I mentioned that the team had struggles. All teams do. The next step for this team was to figure out how to win despite those weaknesses, accent the positive and try to hide the negatives.  So are the Packers?


Protection Issues

October 19, 2009

Daryn Colledge

Thus far this season, the offensive offensive line has been the talk of the town. Opinions on the subject have ranged far and wide, from fire Campen, it is all Barbre’s fault, Colledge sucks, Aaron is holding it too long, Ted Thompson needs to be fired for poor talent. I applaud Bedard’s recent analysis of release times in the Mn game (Here). By and large, I think that it speaks to a lot of confusion on the issue, simply put it is hard to pin down what the issue is. Compounding everything is that the Packers lead the NFL in sacks given up, and that typically is the only stat readily avalable; as a volume stat and only part of the picture, overall it is a very poor indicator stat.

I went though all the stable QB situations thus far this season (Cle, Phi, Sea, Det, Mia, StL, Tam have not been), and tallied all the pressure metrics for the QB, there are some interesting findings. The three primary pressure statistics are sacks, hurries, and hits. Sacks are self explanatory, a hurry is a play where a defender chased the QB, but the QB got the ball away and wasn’t hit, a hit is similar to a hurry, but the QB is hit in the end.

Unfortunately the stats have not been updated for this week yet, so this is only through week 5.


QB Comparison

October 2, 2009

With the big game drawing near, Aaron vs. Brett, lets take a look at some of their passing splits that they have accumulated thus far through 3 games:


Maximizing Awesomeness

September 18, 2009

Aaron’s Shoryuken (from the old Street Fighter video game, Ryu and Ken’s move), performed after he threw the 50 yd TD to Jennings, sealing his first late 4th comeback win, against the Bears last Sunday.

Epic Win

Clearly he has figured out the secret for getting the high score and the how to beat the game.


Rest assured, we definitely have the coolest QB playing today, he looks just like a kid out there, having fun.

The Long Search for the Future

September 10, 2009

When a Quarterback is selected in the first round of the NFL draft, the team is heavily committing to the QB of the future. While Green Bay has a long and great history at the position, boasting 2 of the all time greats, the one place it has consistently failed is drafting the QB of the future. Time and time again Green Bay has tried, and come up empty handed, instead fielding QB’s acquired in trade, or later round picks that they got lucky on. A QB is always a hit or miss proposition, even in the first round, but GB’s long an history of failure is especially bad. It seems with Aaron Rodgers though, that Green Bay has found some success, time will tell if it was fleeting, or if greatness was found. A first round failure at QB can set a team back years. Unlike other positions, rarely does the team carry more than one good one, and virtually every first round attempt gets a chance to be the good one for a year or two. Having spent 6 first round picks one the position, including 3 in the top 10, Green Bay has come up remarkably empty handed over the years. (more…)

Was Vick A Bad Quarterback?

August 8, 2009

With a lot of discussion going on in Packerland regarding Michael Vick, from fans, to media, to front office, to the players, in lieu of adding my opinions to the discussion here (which I am strongly in favor of, you can visit me at the message boards linked below to to discuss), instead I will look at the issue of whether or not Vick was good on the field.

Let me reiterate, on the field.  I am not interested in his work habits, locker room appeal, leadership, off the field activities, here, that is beyond the scope and for a different discussion, I am simply interested in the time between when he breaks the huddle, to the time that the play is whistled dead.  Could he get it done?  At least did he get it done when he played formerly? (more…)