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Are Seats Getting Warm?

November 4, 2009

Ted and Mike

The annual ritual that around 24 of 32 teams’ fans discuss is upon us. Who gets fired and who earned another year. With the Vikings strongly in command of the NFC North, that time is upon us as Packer fans. What will become of Ted and Mike?



Was Vick A Bad Quarterback?

August 8, 2009

With a lot of discussion going on in Packerland regarding Michael Vick, from fans, to media, to front office, to the players, in lieu of adding my opinions to the discussion here (which I am strongly in favor of, you can visit me at the message boards linked below to to discuss), instead I will look at the issue of whether or not Vick was good on the field.

Let me reiterate, on the field.  I am not interested in his work habits, locker room appeal, leadership, off the field activities, here, that is beyond the scope and for a different discussion, I am simply interested in the time between when he breaks the huddle, to the time that the play is whistled dead.  Could he get it done?  At least did he get it done when he played formerly? (more…)