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They Aren’t Who We Thought They Were

October 26, 2009

Mike McCarthy

The last commentary related post that I made, I mentioned that the team had struggles. All teams do. The next step for this team was to figure out how to win despite those weaknesses, accent the positive and try to hide the negatives.  So are the Packers?



Finding the Way to Win

September 24, 2009

Big Ben

This time of the season is one of angst, anger, joy, and fear. For those rolling over opponents with ease, all is well. For those losing and struggling, mentions of “the panic button” are commonplace. Fans take the magnifying glass to teams to identify the flaws, at this time of year the team with the fewest flaws becomes the favorite to win it all.

Not so fast however. If history teaches us anything, it is that champions are borne by struggling, overcoming adversity. Finding a way to win despite their flaws only makes teams stronger. Lets take a look at the recent past: (more…)

Maximizing Awesomeness

September 18, 2009

Aaron’s Shoryuken (from the old Street Fighter video game, Ryu and Ken’s move), performed after he threw the 50 yd TD to Jennings, sealing his first late 4th comeback win, against the Bears last Sunday.

Epic Win

Clearly he has figured out the secret for getting the high score and the how to beat the game.


Rest assured, we definitely have the coolest QB playing today, he looks just like a kid out there, having fun.